Study Options: Optician, a Professional Career in Eye Care 就读选择:配镜师

Optician 配镜师

When considering the types of professional careers to pursue in healthcare, the first ones that come to our minds are doctors, pharmacists, dentists and nurses. One of the professions we often overlook is the Optician, the person whomwe usually mistaken for as the salesman at the optical outlet. Instead than a salesperson, an optician is actually a specialist in correct eye vision.


Is an Optician an eye doctor? 配镜师是眼科医生吗?

An optician is not an eye doctor. The professionals who examines your eye health

An optician is not an eye doctor

are ophthalmologists and optometrists, but opticians are just as important, as they are the ones who deliver the corrective solutions to the customers and patients. Using prescriptions written by an optometrist or an ophthalmologist, an optician would dispense and fit the corrective lenses that would solve your eyesight problems.


What does an Optician do? 配镜师基本上是做些什么?

These are what an optician is trained to do 以下是配镜师所做的:

  • Coordination of eye examinations processes as per optometrists/ophthalmologist instructions 根据验光师的处方,做出合理的调整方案
  • Reading of prescriptions for corrective actions  读取配方,做出纠正
  • Helping customers on the selection of eyeglass frames and lens treatments 帮客人挑合适的镜框和镜片
  • Coordination of work orders for ophthalmic laboratory technicians, providing information about the lenses needed
  • Adjustment of eyewear to ensure perfect fit 调整镜框
  • Repairing or replacing broken eyeglass frames
  • Educating customers about eyewear—for example, show them how to care for their contact lenses 提供护眼知识,例如正确佩戴隐形眼镜的方法


How do I become an Optician? 如何成为配镜师?

In order to become an optician in Malaysia, you will first need to obtain a Diploma in Opticianry, and register yourself with the Malaysian Optical Council (MOC).

成为配镜师之前,你需要先得到配镜文凭,然后申请成为Malaysian Optical Council (MOC)的成员之一。

Vision College college offers the professional career pathway via its Diploma in Opticianry, which is accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) and the Malaysian Optical Council (MOC). According to the Programme Coordinator, Ms. Lim Yi Huan, “With the professional license from MOC, our graduates are eligible to open and operate up to 4 optical businesses in the country.”

Vision College 提供由Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) 和 Malaysian Optical Council (MOC)认可的专业配镜课程。该课程负责人,Ms. Lim Yi Hua表示“通过Malaysian Optical Council (MOC)的认可,毕业生有权利可以在马来西亚经营4间以上的眼镜生意。”

MSc Clinical Opthalmology& Vision Research, UK Member, MOC (Reg. O-01118)
Lim Yi Huan – Lecturer, Diploma in Opticianry MSc Clinical Opthalmology& Vision Research, UK Member, MOC (Reg. O-01118)
Why study at Vision College? 为什么选择Vision College?

Vision College’s academic programmes are conducted in a unique way, having in-house practical centres to support students’ training and application learning. For the Opticianry studies, Vision College students will be trained at Vision Eyecare, an optical business entity operated by the Diploma in Opticianry lecturers, tutors and trainees of Vision College. While attending classes, students will also be trained in the optician laboratories and have the opportunities to apply their new-learned skills at Vision Eyecare. Apart from that, Vision College also arranges for the opticianry student to undergo a 6 weeks internship at other optical shops “Vision College partners with industrial training at Vision Eyecare to provide students with quality practicum. This is to give our students an understanding of how and what the industry is like,” explained Ms Tee Ru Fang, a lecturer of Vision College’s Diploma in Opticianary.

Vision College的学术课程与一般大学不同,它提供内部实习中心让学生可以边学习边实行。关于配镜课程,该课程的学生有机会在VisionEyecare, 一间由配镜课程的讲师,导师和实习生经营的眼镜店进行训练。平常除了上课,学生们也会在眼镜实验室练习,把课程上学到的知识运用到现实中。配镜课程的讲师,如芳解释说”除此之外,Vision College也会安排学生到Vision Eye Care 或其他的眼睛店进行6个星期的实习期, 让学生体验和了解眼镜店的运作。

Tee Ru Fang – Programme Coordinator, BSc. Optometry, BITS India Member, MOC (Reg. O-01256)
How do I qualify for the programme? 读配镜师需要什么条件?

You would need to pass SPM with 3 credits, including 2 credits in Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Mathematics.

SPM成绩合格兼最少有3个credits,其中两个科目是生物学, 化学, 物理, 或者是数学。

Students who do not meet the admission requirements above or are not of science stream will have to undergo an additional Certificate in Science programme. 学生如没达到上述条件或者不是读理科的(Science stream)需要通过一项课程(Certificate in Science)。

For more information, contact Vision College’s course counsellor via Whatsapp at +60127439800 (Ms. Liew).

如有问题,请联络(Whatsapp)  Ms. Liew 电话号码是012-7439800。

Kindly fill in and we will contact you soon 欲知更多详情,请填上表格