Student Representative Council (SRC)

  • To enhance student participation through student developmental programmes, sports, arts, culture, and social responsibility.
  • To promote diversity, restructure and transform student governance towards a balanced and progressive student life.
  • Student-driven leadership
  • Non-rationalism and non-sexism
  • Cooperative governance
  • Accountability
  • Transparency
    The SRC shall:
  • Represent students in college matters, including the formulation of college policies and procedures.
  • Promote academic excellence and a culture of study within the college.
  • Establish sub-committees as deemed necessary, provided that the SRC will devise means to manage such committees.
  • Account for its funds by producing and adhering to an annual budget, which shall comply with all college financial regulations, and shall present an audited financial report to a joint sitting of SRC.
  • Recommend to Management, after consultation with students, rules to determine the way in which the SRC and Student Affairs will conduct their affairs.
  • Report to students on the activities of the SRC by means of meetings, posters, newsletters, or other appropriate media.
  • Delegate other functions and responsibilities to the SRC.
  • Meet at least twice a month.
  • Allow a two-thirds majority of its members to call a special meeting.