CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

In line with our strong belief of being a responsible and caring corporate citizen, we strive to give back to the community through regularly organized activities by our staff and students alike.

Pink Ribbon Run

Pink Ribbon Runs are organized annually in the month of October to promote breast cancer awareness. Health screenings (to Vision Diagnostic Centre), diagnostic mammograms and self breast check demonstration (in collaboration with LPPKN) were also held in conjunction with this campaign.

Blood Donation

Hundreds of donors – from staff, students and public alike – donated blood for the noble cause of saving lives during the many blood donation campaigns organized annually.

“It is time to roll up your sleeve and save a life.”

Going Green

Mindful of the importance of protecting our environment, many “Going Green” activities – such as recycling, gotong-royong, trips promoting the awareness of environmental changes – were held.

Visits to Community Centres

Our CSR unit regularly visit community centres such as the old folks’ homes, orphanages and refugee camps. In addition to goods and cash contributions, various fun-filled activities were held with residents of the centres.

Safety Talk

Mindful of safety for staff and students alike, officers from PDRM were invited to conduct talks on personal & public safety.

Entrepreneurship Day

Entrepreneurship day was designed for our students to apply their entrepreneurial skills in a “real world” environment. For this event, students from various clubs and units set up their respective booth to conduct a one-day only “business”.

Staff Get-Together

Various events involving staff such as festive gatherings, trips and movie days were organized to promote staff interaction, teamwork, and a conducive working environment.

Staff Student Bonding

Diverse activities involving staff and students such as friendly sports matches, trips, dance competitions, freshmen activities were organized to promote greater interaction between staff and students.

Our CSR activity in the news …