Club and Society

At Vision College, we believe that all students should be well-rounded even beyond the classroom. Activities ranging from indoor to outdoor activities, cultural, social, religious, and adventure clubs will enable students to mingle and work together in teams.

Enrich your student experience here by getting involved in our wide range of activities, clubs, and societies.

BMeT Club
    The Biomedical Technologist (BMeT) club’s objective is to gather students from Diploma in Biomedical Technology in order to remove the gap between senior and junior students, and create a talent pool that ease cooperation between members.


    The DHS Club is open specifically for Diploma in Health Science students.  Since its establishment in 2014, a variety of activities have been conducted which focuses on exposing the students with skills and experiences that cannot be obtained in class. The club also serves as a platform for the students from different batch to mingle and improve their networking.

    Advisor: HANNAH & KALAI

    Established in 2017, Physiotherapy Student Association currently composes of 24 students and 5 alumni. We have conducted courses annually to improve the students’ knowledge in physiotherapy.

    Advisor: AFIQAH/KEETHA

    The purpose of LENSA is to encourage DLE students to actively participate in any activities to increase their skills, and expose them to experiences in terms of teamwork and leadership while studying at Vision College.

    Advisor : IZWAN

    The Linguists Club was established on November 2015, and it is facilitated by the English Department. Since the club’s establishment, a lot of activities have been carried out successfully. We accept students from any programme to join us.


    CLC has been established since 2017. The initial purpose of the club is toencourage our Chinese students to be more active and take initiative in participating activities organized by the college. We hope to build a group of young people to be leaders who are able to lead and guide people, and organize and execute events through sharing their own culture with others.

    Advisor: Suet Ling