Admission Procedures & Guidelines (International Students)

All foreigners (Non-Malaysian citizens) who wish to pursue education at tertiary level in Malaysia are required to obtain a Student Visa (also known as Student Pass) from the Department of Immigration Malaysia via Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS). At Vision College, our visa processing team shall automatically commence the preparation of your visa application process after confirming your admission.

To confirm your eligibility to enroll in the programme of your choice at Vision College, kindly Click Here.

The Admission Team shall revert with an Offer Letter within 1 working day. To accept the offer, you are required to
  • Complete the Application Form
  • Remit an Admission Fee (inclusive of EMGS visa application fee)of RM 2,580 (approx. USD 650)
    Vision College’s Bank Account Details (For Bank Transfers)
    Bank Account Name : Vision Diagnostic Sdn. Bhd
    Name of Bank : CIMB Bank Berhad
    Bank Account Number : 800-731-8817For online payment via PayPal, kindly Click Here.*Kindly provide a copy of your bank transaction slip or reference.
  • Provide clear and scanned copies of the following documents, which we require for the submission of your visa application to EMGS:
    i. International Passport
    ii. Academic Documents
    iii. Pre-Arrival Medical Examination Report
    iv. Passport-sized photograph
    v. Declaration Letter (required in case of name discrepancies on documents)
    vi. No objection certificate or Letter of Eligibility (required for Sudanese/Iranians only)

Kindly take note that your visa application shall only be initiated when Vision College confirms the receipt of all the required documents listed above.

i. International Passport:
  • All the pages in your passport, including the cover page
  • Validity of your passport must be no less than 18 months
  • Page numbers must be visible and clear
ii. Academic Documents
  • Copies of your academic transcripts and grades
  • Completion certificate/letter, if any
  • Officially English-translated version (in the event your academic document is of another language)
  • English Proficiency Certificates, if any (e.g. TOEFL, IELTS etc)
iii. Pre-arrival Medical Examination Report
  • As per required by EMGS, you shall undergo a health screening process in your home country at a registered clinic/hospital
    Click here for the list of preferred EMGS clinics in your country. If your country of origin is not listed, you may submit the report completed by any registered clinic. Students from Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka must complete the medical check-up at the clinics appointed by EMGS).
  • Kindly download the Health Examination Form from the following EMGS link:
  • You are advised to read the guidelines written on the first page of the form
  • Other than Section 1 (Part A and B), all sections and columns are to be completed by the examining doctor
  • Kindly remind the examining doctor to fill-in every column in the Health Examination Form professionally
  • The laboratory reports are to be attached along with the completed Health Examination Form
  • All the pages in your passport, including the cover page
  • If you are of one of the listed nationalities below, you are required to provide an additional Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate:Image00001
iv. Passport-sized Photograph
v. Declaration Letter
  • Required if there is a name discrepancy between your passport and academic documents:
    → the spelling of your name is different
    → the sequence of your first, middle and last name is different
  • Document confirms the owner of the passport and academic documents is the same person
  • Document to be issued by Ministry of Education Commissioners of Oath (Notary Public) of your home country
vi. No-Objection Certificate (NOC) or Letter of Eligibility (LOE)
  • Only required for Sudanese and Iranian nationalities
  • To be applied by the Sudanese/Iranian embassy located in Kuala Lumpur
  • Vision College may assist in applying and collecting this document