Know Vision College !

Vision College is endowed with tremendous intellectual spirit to prolong academic supremacy by ensuring creativity, sustainability and feasibility. Vision retains the unique responsibility to contribute in different spectrums of knowledge in a manner that prioritizes improving the quality of education.

Since it’s inception, Vision College has put a profound emphasis on global perceptions and demands. Fostering cross-cultural experience at a sound learning environment is one of our best qualities. Vison College is deeply committed to internationalize the programs and strengthen global partnerships. We have following best things to offer:

Why Vision College?
  • Quality Education: Vision’s academic staff work hard to lead upfront by setting best examples of success stories. Learning here is an experience.
  • 5-Star Rating: Vision has gained a 5-Star My Quest Rating from the Ministry of Higher Education.
  • A Strategic Location: Vision is located in Kelana Jaya which is adjacent to Kuala Lumpur. The transportation hubs, restaurants and malls are within walking distance.
  • Welcoming Environment: Vision greets all the students with a warm approach. Both local and international students receive equal treatment and guidance.
  • Top-Notch Facilities: Vision is equipped with all the advanced facilities which are beneficial to learning.
  • Accomodation: All the hostels are located nearby the campus.
  • Cultural Exposure: Vision Collenge arranges different cultural programs to promote cross-cultural understanding by ensuring students’ engagement.
  • Vibrant Activities: Our students enjoy their time in Vision by getting envolved in countless activities e.g indoor and outdoor games, study tours, trips etc.

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