Financial Assistance

The programmes at Vision are recognized and accredited for students to obtain education loans from various agencies. In addition, we give full and partial scholarships, bursaries and contributions towards deserving students.

MARA Scholarship/Loan

MARA loan is available to Bumiputra students who meet the eligibility criteria. For the full terms and conditions of the scholarship and loan application, please refer to for more details.


The PTPTN Education Loan Scheme was established by our Government to ensure that Malaysian students who require education funding could pursue their studies in local institutions of higher learning.

** Effective from 1 November 2014, the eligibility of the PTPTN loan would be determined by the BR1M eligibility of parents/guardians. If the student is deemed eligible, the full amount of PTPTN loan is approved. Otherwise, the student is only eligible for a lesser amount determined by PTPTN.

Students who meet the requirements will be entitled to apply. Application for the PTPTN education loan can be made online. Please log-in to for more details.

Students can contact any of our Education Counsellors or other staff for guidance on the loan application process.

PTPTN does not release payment of loan according to the Vision fee payment deadline. Students are responsible to pay tuition fees of every semester to Vision by deadline stated in the invoice.

Hospital Sponsorship & Vision Scholarships

From time to time, sponsorships for students of Vision College is also available in collaboration with its partnership with International and Malaysian Hospitals.

In addition, partial and full scholarships are granted to deserving students annually. Applicants with consistent and outstanding academic achievements, and are active in extra-curricular, social or voluntary activities are encouraged to apply.

*Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

EPF Withdrawal Scheme

This scheme allows qualified EPF members to withdraw their savings to finance their children’s study. Withdrawals are allowed for local and overseas education. Members can apply for this scheme on every semester (twice withdrawal in one academic year), or every academic year (one time withdrawal in one academic year), or overall module fees.

Please contact the nearest EPF Office for more details.