Dr. Hamzah A. Rahman

As a President, I am very glad to represent Vision College as an emerging high quality institution of Malaysia. Engaged communication with faculty, staff, students, and collaborative problem-solving, and a focus on what is best for our students are my main principles at Vision College. We are steeped in intensive learning, multidisciplinary teaching and participatory approach.

Vision College aims to cultivate talents by closely nurturing them throughout the whole program. We are unique in terms of our programs, academic structure and core values. Our students are our assets. We develop our students to open them up in front of global scholarly endeavor. While the whole world is running after chances, it is essential to create your own opportunity.

Our experienced and highly knowledgeable academic staff encourage students to put all the best practices together along with the creativity in order to prepare them for a radiant future with infinite possibility. All our staff implement divergent actions by sharing a common purpose and that is to bring out the extraordinary out of ordinary. So far, our Alumni have distinguished themselves in global fields. But still we are looking forward to achieving the bulk.

Vision College has many best things to offer. It is adjacent to Kuala Lumpur. Transport hub and malls are nearby. Students can easily get the access to vibrant places. Studying here is full of experiences and fun.

I would like to invite the students and respective parents to explore our website, pages and campus to get a clear portrait. Hopefully, you will be amazed by our intellectual and distinctive culture.

Let’s learn, grow and excel together!

Best Regards,

Dr. Hamzah A. Rahman
President,Vision College